Why Mobility is Important

"That looks incredibly uncomfortable", I told myself as I watched her demonstrate her weekend routine.  I was sitting with an old teacher and mentor of mine, as she was sharing with me the details of her Saturday class.  She teaches pro bono on the weekend, and has to bring her own projector in order to play her slideshows.  Her projector was about the size of a Tolkien novel and was riddled with cords.  She shoves them into her rolling briefcase along with her other teaching materials and drags around about 40-50 pounds back and forth.  I thought to myself: there's got to be a better way.

small uo versus large projector

What year do we live in?  With phones and devices that play movies and hold obscene amounts of data, how is it that we still break our backs lugging 50 pounds of paper and plastic from place to place?  There is a dire need to inform wayfarers of their mobility options.  I'm here to share with you how technology can give you the power to take your life with you, and how technology can help you work smarter as opposed to harder.  If you would like to share your insights and feedback, I'd love to learn it even if it's just a sentence or two.